Marketing Your Home

Marketing Your Home

 Six “Key” Steps to a

Successful Home Sale

How to choose the right Realtor


Selling a home in today’s market can sometimes be complicated, challenging and having a well-designed marketing plan really is important. Because of this I have created a clear path which simplifies the entire process and most importantly assures the seller will experiences a Successful Sale. This proven Marketing Plan consists of Six “Key” Steps, six components.Before I talk about these Six “Key” Steps and how the seller and I work together as a team through them I first want to focus on this term … Successful Sale 

A Successful Sale is first where I make certain my sellers get to the closing On Time ….

on their time schedule. Second, they experience a smooth transaction with the Fewest Problems and third, they obtain the Most Money for their property that the market will allow.

So, it’s not just getting their property sold, but making certain it’s a Successful Sale.

 On Time …  Fewest Problems …  Most Money! 

I accomplish this is by performing these Six “Key” Steps which are also my Job Responsibilities. Let me briefly outline them and that way you can evaluate me and determine if we have a match. 

Oh, and please feel free to interrupt and jump in and ask questions. That’s why I’m here, to help you gain knowledge so you can make good decisions that are best for you.



Increasing Value & Buyer Appeal 

My First Job Responsibility is to teach/show the seller how to Enhance the Buyer Appeal & the Value of their property before it goes on the market…. How to Prepare it and get the SOLD sign up Faster! 

This is important because once the “For Sale” actually sign goes up it’s no longer a home. It’s actually a product for sale. 

The old adage “you don’t get a second chance to make a first good impression” could not be truer when selling a home. Buyers buy emotionally and if you capture their hearts, you’ll capture their offers. My job is to show the seller how to build that emotional connection and increase their bottom line. How to Package their Home for Profit!

A can of paint is worth $35 in the can but if you know how to use it before the sign goes up you can turn it into … $3,500. It’s my job to teach the seller how to do this and much more. 

The way I do this is: 

They are…. Neutralize…. Unclutter….Clean… 
     Repair.… and …. Dynamize. 

 What this means is we create more excitement from agents generating more buyer showings resulting in more offers and a greater return for the seller’s property.


Best Price

Best List Price results in the Highest Sales Price 

Now this leads me to my Second Job Responsibility …. After the property is packaged for profit then it’s my job to make certain the seller selects the Best List Price. 

This is important because the Best List Price results in the Best & Highest Sales Price.  

Pricing is trickier than it appears and is a real balancing act.
If the seller…..Gets it RIGHT – they are on their way.
If the seller…..Gets it WRONG – they scare buyers away, lose money and the valuable “Golden Time”!

It is important for the seller to think not with their heart but with accurate market information that is expertly interrupted. 

The way I do this is I provide an extensive Market Study and apply the proven the Slightly Less, Slightly More pricing strategy! 

When the seller gives me the okay; I go back to my office and research the market. 

I prepare this Market Study and then bring it back to the seller and educate them on what the market is really saying about their property. 

This Market Study is far more extensive than a typical market analysis. It has Three Critical Elements. 

The First is the Trend which provides an aerial view of what is happening in the overall market. The TREND in Real Estate is like a pendulum on a Grandfather clock. It is always in constant motion. It’s moving back and forth. Sometimes it moves faster, sometimes it moves slower but it’s always motion. 

At one height of the arc there is what’s called a “Buyer’s” market.  A “Buyer’s” market is where the buyers have the advantage. There are four clinical symptoms.

That’s why it’s called a “Buyer’s” market, lots of inventory for a buyer to choose from and room to negotiate. 

Now on the other height of the arc there is what’s called a “Seller’s” market. This is just the opposite of a “Buyers” market. This is where the sellers have the advantage. There are also four clinical symptoms.

What’s the point? It’s critical the seller knows where the market is because this impacts the value of their property and how the seller should price it. 

Just as importantly, they also need to know which way the market is moving because this too impacts the value and how it should be priced. 

Without this knowledge the seller will price their property in a VACUUM & do themselves a disservice. So, it’s my job to make certain they have a clear awareness of the Trend. 

After they have a clear awareness of where the market is and which way its moving then we look at the Second Element which is a Snapshot of their property. 

This Snapshot gives the seller an accurate and clear picture of what the market is specifically saying about their property & how it fits in the market.  It has three (3) components. 

First, we look at properties that are similar to the seller’s that have actually sold. These tell us what buyers are willing to pay for a property similar to theirs. 

Second, we look at the competition, similar properties that buyers will look at when they look at the seller’s property. This is where I do something different from the average agent. Rather than just showing them photos, square footage and statistics I like to take the seller and actually show and have the seller tour these properties as if they were a buyer. This way they can really experience the competition. It takes more time but I’ve found if you invest a little more time in the beginning you’ll save a lot of time at the end. 

Third, we look at properties similar to the seller’s that did not sell. In our business we call them “Expires!” These tell us what buyers are not willing to pay and the consequences of overpricing. 

After the seller has this accurate picture, this Snapshot, and sees their property from a 

reliable eye

I then bring the Third Element. 

This is a proven Pricing Strategy. 

It’s is called the Slightly Less, Slightly More Pricing Strategy! 

This strategy has three pricing models, one for a Flat Market, one for a Sellers’ Market and one for a Buyers’ Market. 

I guide the seller in selecting the appropriate model. Then the seller plugs in the Snapshot and the model helps the seller price their property objectively and never emotionally. 

What this means is the seller will never price their property too LOW and give some of their savings away or price it too HIGH and scare the buyers away. They will select the Best List Price which will result in more showings, an on time sale and the Best & Highest Sale Price. 


Total Market Exposure

More Showings 

Now this leads me to my Third Job Responsibility. After the property is packaged for profit and priced properly it’s my job to drive it to the market. ………. to give it Total Market Exposure… to create More Showings. If we increase the demand by simple economics values go up! 

Surprising as it may seem there is a misconception from a lot of sellers in this area. They think it is my job to personally bring buyers and show their property and it is not! My job is more importantly to get everyone else to show it, to create more buyer flow and be the Master Marketer. 

This is important because there is a lot more to marketing than the tradition of putting up a sign, placing an ad, putting it in the MLS, on the Internet and waiting for good things to happen.

It’s my job is to give it Total Exposure 

The way I accomplish this is I use a blend of traditional marketing & a more aggressive “Target Marketing” approach. It is a coordinated Three Prong Strategy which creates more showings and the Best & Highest Sales Price! 

First is Global Exposure. Through our robust corporate website with its top search engines we attract buyers in the very early stages of the buying process. This is important  because studies show that over 89% of all buyers visit the Internet before they ever pick up the phone and call an agent. So by attracting the buyers in the very early stages we capture them & create a huge pool of consumer leads for our sellers. 

I also market my seller’s property directly with slide shows, virtual tours and build additional value with a neighborhood profile.

Second is our National & Regional Exposure. Additional potential buyers are generated by the largest network of Referral Offices and also by linking the seller’s property to a network of other Key Websites. 

Third is Local Exposure.  This is where I personally roll up my sleeves and go to work for the seller. Along with using the traditional:

I Target Market and position the seller’s property in front of buyers the that match demographics and profile of a potential buyer. Rather than just hanging it out there and playing the “waiting” hoping someone stumbles across it I aggressively market the seller’s property to specific TARGETS. I do this by creating an individual “Seller’s Property Website.” This website is specific to the seller’s property with quality photos and a YouTube Video. It brings their property to “LIFE!” 

These are the specific targets: 

  1. Top Agents – I have identified the agents who consistently have buyers in their pipeline. Rather than waiting for these agents to stumble across the seller’s property in the MLS I immediately initiate an “Email Broadcast” sending the “Seller’s Property Website” actively getting it in front of these top agents. This translates to more showing for my seller 
  2. Neighborhood “Canvass” – Studies show that one out of every six sales is generated by someone who lives in the immediate neighborhood. What I mean by this is one of the seller’s neighbor has a friend, relative or an acquaintance who wants to move into the neighborhood and that can lead to a sale. With the seller’s permission I conduct what I call a “Five, Five & TEN.” It is where I physically knock on five of the neighbor’s doors on either side of the seller’s new listing and ten across the street. I do this in a serving way notifying these neighbors of this new opportunity and leave behind a “Marketing Piece” which has the access code to the “Seller’s Property Website”. 
  3. Seller’s Social Media– I show the seller how to utilize their network of friends to further target market their property. I help them craft a special announcement which contains the access code to the “Seller’s Property Website”. By sending it to their network they further expose their listing to potential buyers that match the demographics and the profile of a potential buyer. 
  4. Seller’s Acquaintances - I create a Mobile Billboard – this is a special “Pocket Kard” the seller can use to promote their new listing by passing it out to people they meet. It has a photo, brief description of the seller’s along with that access code (QR - quick response) to the “Seller’s Property Website”. 

What this means is I use all the resources, a blend of the traditional along with “target marketing” which increases the buyer flow, creates more showings generating an on time sale at the Best & Highest Sales Price!


Worry Free

Managing all the Details 

This leads me to my Fourth Job Responsibility which is to manage all the details making the seller’s transaction seamless and Worry Free 

This is important because there are a lot of moving parts in a real estate transaction and things can go amiss if there is a lack of attention to detail. 80% of all problems in a real estate transaction occur because the agent didn’t do their job. So there needs to be a Project Manager, someone managing all the details to eliminate problems before they arise. This essential step assures the entire “Selling” experience is Worry Free. 

I accomplish this by:

What this means to the seller is peace of mind knowing all the bases are covered. No Problems!


Quality Company

Highest Level of Quality Service


This leads me to my Fifth Job Responsibility, which is to bring a Quality Company with me. 

This is important because when a seller hires an agent, you also hire a company. A company’s culture reflects how their clients are treated and the quality of the “Service” it delivers. QUALITY makes the difference! 

How do you judge a company’s quality? 

These are the qualities that attracted me to this company and why I feel I bring a quality company to a seller. 


What this means is a having a Quality company that partners with me assuring the seller obtains the highest level of Quality Service.


Trusted Advisor

Protecting Your Interests


Now, this leads me to my Sixth, final and most important Job Responsibility. This is where I fulfill the role of being my seller’s Trusted Advisor, protecting their interests. 

This is important because a seller should always have representation, have someone who they have trust and confidence in and will help them make Good Decisions. 

 I do this is by approaching this business differently than most agents. I conduct myself more as a consultant, educating and guiding versus a typical salesperson selling and pressuring.  My Seller and their best interests are my top priority. 

I fulfill this critical role of a Trusted Advisor by:  

What this all means to the seller is having a full time professional who is a trustworthy, informed and dependable expert who partners with them to assure they experience a Successful Sale… On Time, with the Fewest Problems & at the Highest Sale Price the market will allow. 

Trusted Advisor


Helping Make Good Decisions & Always Looking Out for Best Interests 

Now, this leads me to my Sixth and final Job Responsibility. This is where I fulfill the role of being a Trusted Advisor for my seller, making certain I help them make good decisions at all times and always looking out for their best interest. 

This is important because there are two different and distinct types of agents in this business. It’s critical a seller has this awareness so they make good hiring decisions. 

The first is the “Number Gang”.  These are full time agents who play the numbers. What I mean by this is they take as many listings a possible, stick up a sign, once in a while run an ad and wait for good things to happen. They know if they get enough listings some of them will sell and they will make a living. But that’s not the worst part; the worst part is how they get these listings. They actually tell them their house is worth more than it really is. They inflate the price. Why?

 Because they know the seller will hire them because the seller thinks they are going to get more money. They also will cut their commission to get the listing, but they never explain that cutting the commission can sometimes actually hinder the sale of the seller’s property. They are there just to get the listing and play the numbers. 

I am NOT part of the “Number Gang” and I don’t play the numbers. fulfill the role of being a Trusted Advisor for my seller, making certain I help them make good decisions at all times and always looking out for their best interest. 

What this means to my seller is having a full time professional who cares and puts their interest first over and above anything else; just doesn’t put up a For Sale Sign but the sign that turns to SOLD. Where my seller experiences a Successful Sale… getting them to the closing On Time, with the Fewest Problems & obtaining the Most Money the market will allow. 

Now, this might sound too good to be true so I go one step further and put all this in
writing. It is my Performance Pledge. It is my commitment and my pledge in writing that I will do everything I have outlined here today and more and if I fall short the seller can fire me. 

So in Summary let me briefly review what I do for my seller. 

I show them how to Enhance their property, how to package it for profit and sell it for more money. 

I help them select the very Best List Price, so they never give some of their savings away or scare the buyers away but select the best price resulting in the highest price. 

I give their property Total Market Exposure, with coordinated 3 prong marketing approach from being globally on line to the lawn sign, creating more buyer flow so it sells on time and for more money. 

I make certain their transaction is Worry Free with a Transaction Management System, weekly communication and a call back policy. I eliminate the stress and hassle.  

I bring a Quality Company that partners with me, assuring the seller obtains the highest level of Quality Service. 

And finally I fulfill the role of being a Trusted Advisor. I never play the numbers but rather help my seller make good decisions at all times & always look out for their best interest. I am a full time professional who cares, puts the seller’s interest first before anything else & creates a Successful Sale. Where my seller experiences a Successful Sale… getting them to the closing On Time, with the Fewest Problems & obtaining the Most Money the market will allow.  

So with all this being said, 

How Do You Feel and What Do You Want to Do Next?