At Home With Diversity Certification

When buying or selling a home, you should work with a real estate professional who
understands your unique circumstances and needs. As a REALTOR®, I know the
importance of adapting and remaining relevant in today’s marketplace. By developing
a business practice rooted in inclusion and equality, and backed by the At Home With
Diversity® (AHWD) certification, I can help buyers of all cultural backgrounds achieve
the dream of homeownership.
As an At Home With Diversity® certified real estate professional, I strive to create a
more inclusive real estate business. As a result of the program, I am better able to
assess the attributes of diversity in local markets, as well as their impact, which allows
me to effectively serve all clients regardless of race or cultural background. With an
increased awareness of cultural and personal biases, I understand how each can
adversely shape perceptions and behaviors within a multicultural landscape.